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I use Brux and Benchmark barrels and highly recommend them, but will use other barrels upon request.

I offer NO bluing services, but I do offer many more services than listed below.



Chamber - Thread - Crown - Engrave cal. & Neck dia. <> 320 polish on barrel. 


Ultimate accurize. of your Rem. Action. This includes single point truing of action, threads, locking surface trued, receiver faced and bolt raceway reamed all in one fixture. Custom PTG bolt with Mini-M16 extractor, extended bolt handle. Bolt is then helical (spiral) fluted for smooth operation in very close tolerances.( this includes exchange of bolt)


Blueprinting: <> Remington <>
Includes single point truing of threads, facing receiver, single point truing bolt, action locking lugs and Truing bolt face, removal of existing handle and re-attaching by tig weld or PTG threaded handle
Helical (spiral) bolt fluting (Rem., Savage.)



Install M16 style extractor in your Rem. bolt.


ADD *$20* to open up bolt face.

 Pattern fluting (diamond, twist etc.) on barrel  $165
Straight Flute Barrel *$150*
Custom recoil lug pinned to your receiver. Includes SSG  recoil lug *$65*
Epoxy pillar bed - two screw action *$275*



K-G Kote complete barreled action.

Click here for list of colors


ADD *$25* for different color bolt. Add $75 for 2-tone flutes in barrel

Install muzzle brake *$100*
We make several different style muzzle brakes starting at *$95*
Adjust trigger with adjustment screws




 Polish: Bright barrel finish  *$50*
Polish: Satin bead finish *$50*

Custom engraving:  rifle name ( special name, phrase etc.)

starting at *$75*
 Custom Dies:
  <> F/L Bushing Die
   <> Seating Die 
  <> optional Micro-Tops
ADD $50*

Calibers we currently offer Dies for:
<> 6Dasher <> 6x47 Long Dasher <> 284-Jazz <> 300-Jazz <> 338-Jazz
<> 280-Rem Match <> 338 Lapua Imp.  <> other Calibers (call for options)