Tig welding on bolt handles by SSG.

Attaching PTG bolt handle to PTG bolt body with precision tig welding. $75

Removing silver solder handle and re tigging handle back on $85

Quantity discounts available for 5 bolt or more per shipping

Custom precision tig welding quotes on other gun parts available upon request .

All SSG Tigged on handles have an unconditional warranty. If your rifle falls off a cliff and the bolt handle hits a rock and breaks off; I will re-attach it or install a new bolt handle at no charge! 


Video of underside of tigged on bolt handles by SSG





Strength test of tig welded bolt handle by SSG. To keep all things equal I used a bolt that came into the shop stuck in the receiver. It is a Remington 700 bolt. This bolt had the face destroyed by a max load without watching overall length of case growth. The case grew and then crimped the bullet in the chamber. The lugs did their job but, figured this would be a good candidate for the test.


Silver solder strength test. This handle was attached by a very experienced silver solderer. The solder joint was good. This handle needed to be removed and re-installed as the timing was incorrect.