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Joe Vogle
12-19-2009 12:55:35 PM CST

Joe Vogle
12-19-2009 12:55:18 PM CST

Joe Vogle
12-19-2009 12:28:22 AM CST
Nathan worked on my custom shop remington, went from a 1.75" average down to a 1/2". Nate did a lot of work to this rifle and ALL work was done to perfection. Nate is excellent to work with, and always professional.

Felipe B.
12-12-2009 6:36:08 PM CST
My Savage bolt that I sent to Nathan for fluting came in and it looks awesome!!!!!! Better then the ones posted on his website!

Paul Graham   bigblack@grahamweb.net
10-26-2009 10:35:19 AM CST

Nathan put on one of his muzzle brakes for me and the look, craftmanship, and performance are top notch. Thanks

Nyoka Price
06-29-2009 8:28:02 PM CST

Nathan, thank you so much for the quick turn around on our rifle, it made it in time for the trip to Africa! We greatly appreciate your skill and the rifle shoots great! Our safari hunt in South Africa was awesome! The rifle got so many compliments, and again; it shoots as good as it looks! Thanks!

06-13-2009 8:46:12 PM CST

I had Nathan make me a muzzle break for my Rem 700 sps 7mm alittle while ago. It works great and the fit is awsome. Nathan worked with my gunsmith to make it fit right. He did a great job and I will come back for more stuff. Thanks again

06-13-2009 8:45:33 PM CST

06-13-2009 8:44:59 PM CST

06-13-2009 8:44:43 PM CST

Scooter   gunrunning@bis.midco.net
04-23-2009 9:06:19 PM CST
Nathan has built a 6.5-06AI, .260Rouge, and .300 RUM for me. He has aslo done a 257 Roberts Impand a 6.5x55 my father. Words can't explain the level of satisfaction and customer service we have gotten from Nathan. He is a gunsmith of the highest caliber and a friend. I couldn't suggest anyone else to have a rifle done with and still sleep at night. I get well under MOA groups at any range with Nathan's rifles with little effort. But most of all he is one of the best people I have ever delt with.

Nick Ceresa   camsnapper88@yahoo.com
04-23-2009 7:05:55 PM CST
I just received my bolt body back from nathan. He did a helical flute on it, and let me say, it looks AMAZING. I would not hesitate to send him your work. I will be sending more work his way whenever I can.

Brent Lipelt
02-01-2009 3:20:35 PM CST
I have had several rifles made by Nathan. You will not find a better person to work with. He will do whatever it takes to make your building experience a great one.

Kirk Smith
01-25-2009 5:06:11 PM CST
I saw some of Nates work and got in touch with him about some bolt work, I finally got around to sending it out for him to work on and WOW he does some good work! My job is Quality Control and I'll be sending him some more work when I need it done right! Thanks Nate.

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