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02-23-2013 1:28:16 AM CST
Hello Nate , thank You for designing a brake what actually works.Your 1" V brake is the third brake what I tested on my 338 RUM.The first was ok, I only got a cut from the scope once, the second nocked the ear protection off of5 my head every time I fired my rifle but after I installed your brake the recoil on the 338 RUM changed to a little more than a 243. Now I love to shoot my rifle and I did about 40 rounds of the bag the other day with a big smile on my face. Three of my rifle has your brake already and I am telling to everybody to contact You if they need one .Thanks again !

Rommel Jimenea
02-01-2013 11:20:02 PM CST

After two years of competing at our local F-Class matches, I finally won one using Nate's Rifle.

01-26-2013 2:29:09 AM CST
(True Bore Alignment System)"Thanks again for a GREAT product. It wasn't cheap, but I feel better about spending this money than anything else I purchased for my gunsmithing!"

Benchmark Barrels
01-26-2013 2:22:12 AM CST
We were Nate's first customer on the Tru-bore alignment system. We've been using it for a month now. We've tried every system out there from spidering to floating reamer holders etc. This is head and shoulders above the rest... Nothing else even comes close to the precision and accuracy attainable with this product. It's worth a lot more than the asking price (We actually just received our second one last week). Thanks Nate, your product solves so many of the problems we encounter trying to put out the most accurate rifles/barrels for our customers. Ron Sinnema (Owner) Benchmark Barrels

01-26-2013 2:14:07 AM CST
Hello Nate, I had the pleasure to shoot my edge today with your brake installed and wow it was awesome! You make a great product and will recommend your products to all my fellow shooters! Thanks again!

Dallas lane
02-08-2012 1:41:29 PM CST
We switched the chambering of my rifle to a .338 edge for a few reasons one being i was already set up for the edge and two finding 338 ultra brass in a pinch is tough to say the least, the rifle turned out awsome, Nate did everything he said he would and more and produced a rifle to within ounces of what we figured it would weigh, being that i wanted a lighter weight packing rifle, he hit the nail on the head and the two tone color scheme of black and grey........ All i can say is it looks sweet specially with the spiral fluted barrel. I would recomend any one to have Nate build them a rifle, top notch in my book.

09-17-2011 9:42:04 AM CST
had a rem 700 bolt spiral fluted with a M-16 extractor installed. great job on the bolt and fast turn around. thanks.

09-09-2011 6:37:32 PM CST

Thanks to Nate and his great work I was able to shoot my best F Class event of the year earlier this season. This was with my 308 tactical rifle because I didn\\

Rick Hentges   upi@tnics.com
08-18-2011 9:42:11 PM CST

Thanks Nate for an outstanding job building my 6.5 X 284. I provided the stock and scope and Nate did the rest. After break in and working up the load I wanted, it is shooting 3/4 inch at 200yds and my first ever shooting at 1000yds showed a 7 inch 5 shot group. For a sporter weight rifle I couldn't be happier. Do not hesitate to have SSG do any of your gun works.

Josh Horner
07-24-2011 9:08:29 PM CST

Nate was a standup guy. Answered all of my calls even after hours sometimes. His work is impeccable and clean.Very fast to work with, I had him install a Surefire break (which he has never done before), I sent him the instructions that Surefire sent me to install it, and timing is perfect without having to use spacers. Don't hesitate to call him and have him do some work on your rifle.

Joe Vogle
07-23-2011 6:27:03 PM CST

Thank you SSG for another awesome rig! Shoots under .40" and carries great! 6.5x .284 Norma.

J.D. and Jesse Law
07-21-2011 3:45:55 PM CST
My name is J.D. Law (from Idaho) and I recently purchased two mini extreme brakes. One was installed on a Remington 7mm Ultra Mag and the other on a Savage 300 Ultra Mag. I did my research and from comments online and from videos I chose your brakes. Long story short, my brother and I finally got a chance to shoot our rifles last night. We are in HEAVEN!!! I would have called B.S. if somebody would have told me they would perform this good. I have shot with brakes and know they help a lot, but we were pleasently surprised at how well the mini extreme performs. The name tells it all. The improvement and benefits were "extreme". We couldn't stop laughing and were unable to wipe the smiles off our faces. Thinking about it now I can't help but grin. If you ever have someone wondering about the brakes and wants to talk to a customer about the brakes, feel free to give them my email. You are #1 on the list. Thankyou for designing such a quality product. P.S. - My brother was the lucky dog that shot his rifle first. The first words out of his mouth were "That's got to be like 65% reduction in recoil!" I don't know the true percentage, but I agree with him and don't feel like it's an exaggeration at all. Thanks again from two more than happy customers, J.D. and Jesse Law

06-15-2011 8:44:01 PM CST
lets hear some feed back on the shooting class friends. ill be goin in the future and wouldnt mind hearin what people thought

Dallas Lane
03-31-2011 10:02:50 PM CST
my rifle is in the works as we speak, i wanted a long range hammer in a lighter packing weight package, and with all of Nathan's help and understanding of exactly what i wanted we came up with the 338 rum. Great customer service, i cant wait to get this rifle, after reading all of the positive feed back i am sure it will be exactly what i wanted, and then some... to be continued........

Henke   henke_tanner@yahoo.com
03-10-2011 10:40:36 PM CST
I am not yet a owner of one of Nates guns but i will be sooner then later. Im having him build me a deer/anything killer. Iv been changing my mind alot on him and and we finally came up with his 7-300 and am really excited about it. Iv been over to his shop a few times now haha and everything iv seen has looked increadable. Costomer service with nate increadable. He will do all he can to make the experience better then great and he does it well.

Amleto Gabellone   amleto.gabellone@nc3a.nato.int
10-25-2010 3:07:50 PM CST

It's time to say: thanks, Nathan! This is one of my jobs at 300 meters prone position front bipod. Cheers.

Brent Lipelt
09-28-2010 8:15:29 PM CST
I am the proud owner of Nate's 284 Jazz. A 338 norma mag. parent case necked down to a 7mm. The caliber exceeds all expectations. It is easily a sub 1/2moa rifle. With Nate's help we stretched this cartridge out to almost 2000yds. with only around 53moa.

08-30-2010 1:21:54 AM CST

Nate, This is a pic of my son John. He just turned 12. He has made three one shot kills this year w/ the 7-300 WSM you made for us. The first kill was at 500 yds. and the second one in this pic was at 550yds! Not exactly long range but he also made a 160 yd. called neck shot w/ only 6 inches of neck showing on a 124 in. whitetail. My son and I have really enjoyed our time together this hunting season. Having a gun that is this accurate and as easy to load for sure makes things fun! Next year we will get it stretched out to 1000+ yds. Thanks again. It is a pleasure doing business w/ you. Sincerely, Jett Ferebee

08-28-2010 6:52:50 AM CST
I sent Nathan a Rem 700 7mag for a muzzle brake to tame the recoil for an old shoulder. Not only does it look factory but feels like shooting a 22LR. Sweet. Thanks Nate.

06-17-2010 5:52:13 AM CST
I had Nathan make and install a muzzle brake for my PTR-91 and it performs great and looks great. Thanks Straight Shot Gunsmithing for everything

scooter   gunrunning@bis.midco.net
04-16-2010 9:05:19 PM CST
Nate has hit another one out of the park! He built a 270 Weathertby for me and this one is another tack driver in a line of others. He does exceptional work no doubt. Thanks again to Nate for another tack driver!

Ben K.
04-12-2010 6:45:56 AM CST
Nathan did some barrel engraving on a rifle for me which was a gift for my grandpa. He did exceptional work and got it done very quickly.

Eric F.
03-29-2010 10:15:24 PM CST
Nathan has done two barreled actions for me with muzzle breaks, his work is outstanding.When I want the absolute best in precission I Know where to send my stuff.He is also always willing to answer my questions and help me out, great guy to do business with. would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Nate...................

Tall Paul
03-01-2010 11:07:29 PM CST
Ordered a V-port Vaporizer muzzle brake after viewing the outstanding "Muzzle Brake Test" that can be selected & viewed on Straight Shot Gunsmithing website. Nathan answered many questions regarding muzzle brakes and custom build details too. The product recieved from Nathan was of the highest quality and as a "bonus" the "V-port" style from SSG adds a great 'cool' factor over the plain vertical slots found on most every other brake being made out there. Highest quality and outstanding value-- cannot beat that combo! Will post picture once my rifle build is completed.

Joe V.
12-25-2009 2:15:01 PM CST

I had Nathan put this rifle together for me, WOW! Every part of this rifle is perfect. This rifle has had everything done to it, all I can say is awesome. The third loading I tried shoots five into .415, but all loadings were around that .5 to .6 average. These groups were fired during barrel break in. Nathan will build a precision long range rig to your specs. What a great guy. Thanks Nathan

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